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How much does it cost? 

TMCFunding has no cost to the fund creator, the donor or the recipient. Our website functions on optional donations from individual donors at the time of their donation to a fund.You will be notified when the fund ends and a check or checks will be delivered to the funeral home designated to how the beneficiaries are set up. We are a 0% fee platform so 100% of the donations go to the intended parties securely.

What is the benefit of a Family Support Fund for a funeral contract?

The benefit is that the funeral home can rely on the fund amount shown to secure arrangements. The family and funeral home are aware that their balance will be paid directly so everyone has no doubt where their funds are going. The funeral home can proceed to follow through with the services they chose for their loved one. Excess funds raised go to the family to help them in their time of need.

What is the benefit of a Memorial Donation fund for a charity?

The funds are raised in one place so the family can share why the organization is important to them. The family also gets a detailed report of all the donors. Then they can give one large sum to the organization in their loved one’s name. This makes more of an impact than several smaller donations and no way to acknowledge donors. A very healing experience that the funeral home can host for their family.

Do I have to be a member of Treasured Memories to use this?

TMCFunding is open to any funeral director to use to help their families heal and host a healing experience in their community.

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