A secure way to procure online identification

Looking for a trusted and secure way to obtain identity confirmation online?

We have a website to do just that.

Protect your funeral home and your families.

Upload a photo securely onto our site.

Email a password protected link to the next of kin for a limited and secure view.

They confirm the identity of their loved one and prove their own identity with secure documentation.


You recieve the confirmation and secure documentation for your records.

Our website offers bank-level security to ensure all uploaded documents are safe. The disclaimers and this process protect you from liability in regards to cremation identification and the use of these documents online. Families unable to have a private viewing or living afar can now identify from their homes on this protected platform.


How much does it cost? 

TM Secure View costs $5.00 an identification. This is paid for by a credit card you put on file. The credit card is encrypted immediately.

What is in the confirmation?

The confirmation includes a photo of the identifiers government issued ID, their IP address, email and a signed confirmation that the photo presented is their loved one.

How long is the photo displayed? What is the best type of photo to upload?

The photo is displayed until they hit the confirm button. We recommend lightly set features from the clavicle up. Our site adds a black & white filter.

Do I have to be a member of Treasured Memories to use this?

TM Secure View is open to any funeral director to use.

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