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Our Valued Partners

World-class manufacturers of fine caskets and cremation products. Personalized and delivered when you need it.

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The leading and reliable provider of pre-need insurance. We strive for you to be successful in your prearrangement process and actively help with our recognized PreNeed Program.

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Makers of fine paper remembrance products. Design and print  unique and memorable experiences.

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Manufacturers of fine embalming chemicals and sundries. Members get significant rewards on chemical purchases.

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Craftsman of fine memorial jewelry. Online hosting and ordering for quality memorial keepsakes.

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Safe and trusted Cremation Recycling for your crematory operations. Get the most for your metal recycling to help offset your retort maintenance costs.

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A leading at-need insurance assignment company. Quick confirmation and payment. Secure assignments with outstanding service. 

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Giving credit worthy families the option of payment plans. Up to three applicants per contract. Give the gift of time and the option of the service they want.

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Webcasting that is easy for directors to use and keeps viewers on your site. Steadfast support and analytic reporting.

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Help Families ease through loss paperwork filing with this convenient tool. Offer at suggested retail price and earn points.

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Premier provider of business loans to funeral home owners. Gives you options to expand or renovate for exceptional service.

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Stop paying credit card fees with this payment processore and create a virtual payment hub for your families.

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Savings on your cell phone bills and certain cell phone mechandise discounts. Verizon and AT&T.

Save with Membership

Get a discounted rate for slideshows and tribute videos with their easy to use clouded software. 

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Free Obituary A.I. Writer for member funeral home staff. Write outstanding obituaries in minutes.

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Passing on our bulk discounts for supplies like gloves, plastics, airtrays and more. All behind our members login. Purchases may be made by rewards points.

Members Only

Our PreNeed help has been recognized nationally for growth. We partner with Homesteaders to expand your PreNeed to new levels with a secure future. Learn more about what we have to offer in this area of our expertise.

Our Solutions

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Complete your prearrangements with a travel protection plan. World wide coverage with 24/7 FDs on staff. Clouded searchable database. Marketing materials in English and Spanish. Commissions paid weekly. Good for any funded prearrangements.

Safely brings the element of crowdfunding to memorial funds for creating a lasting legacies or helping families in unexpected situations. Disclosure forms to assign proceeds to contracts. Donor Lists go to family. Use with any website or platform.

The best floral arrangement and gift basket service linked to local florists and funeral homes. We give 20% commission and any florist can receive orders at no charge to them.

Membership includes being a provider in this network. Brochures with your logo can be designed and you are listed in the providers on the site.

Treasured Heroes is a program in which participating providers grant funeral services at no charge to first responders that have lost their lives in the line of duty. This is optional and a brochure can be designed with your logo.

Treasured Memories Secure View is a way for families to safely identify a loved one from a distance when in-person identification is not an option or choice.

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Treasured Memories Secure View® is our solution to online identification for online.


Create Memorial Funds in minutes to establish a shareable memorial donation hub to collect for an organization or help with a contract.

Travel Protection

Offer our Travel Protection Plans to all of your funded PreNeeds to protect their plans.

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